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Lighter Side
Wayne Greenwald is rumored to be a competent bankruptcy and
debtor-creditor lawyer.  Draw your own conclusions.  Wayne drinks bourbon, smoke cigars and skis pretty well for a fat, old former racing coach.  In 2017, he represented the U.S. in an international cigar smoking competition.  You’re welcome to join him for drink and cigar (you may need to bring your own cigar) or ski with him in Western MA.
Why He’s Here
While his background appears creditor-focused, it isn’t.  Wayne Greenwald’s knowledge of the “dark arts” is derived from representing debtors.
Wayne Greenwald developed the “entrepreneur rescue” practice area.  It adopts two perspectives: a.) “We may be unable to save the Titantic, but then there are the Astors and the crew”1 and b.) “Success is the ability to go from one failureto the next, without losing enthusiasm.”2  He employs bankruptcy, debtor-creditor and estate-planning to help individuals recover from and thrive after business mishaps.
He is forging the constitutional issue of whether the judge who entered a money judgment can be the same forum of proceedings to enforce that judgment. This recognizes that regardless of professed impartiality, judges want their judgments enforced, regardless of the personal obstacles and entitlements.  This invisible psycho-proprietary interest presents devastating results.
Significant to this conference, Wayne is the lawyer responsible for the
“Queenie”3 doctrine.  Representing an individual debtor in a chapter 11 case, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals held that § 362(a)’s automatic stay applied to that debtor’s wholly owned non-debtor entities.  The decision remains vital while controversial.
Applying the Marxian postulate “love flies out the door when money comes innuendo,4” Wayne lectures, nationally, about using bankruptcy and debtor-creditor strategies to facilitate divorces.  Sometimes, two fresh starts are necessary to solve the problem.  Occasionally, he works with divorce mediators pro bono.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, April 30

9:00am PDT